Diversity is about welcoming and including everyone, no matter what their race, creed, gender identity, beliefs, socio-econic status, nationality, or religion, perceived ability or disabilty. We learn from each other. By supporting those who seem ‘other’ we actually learn  and and grow stronger.

Tuck at Dartmouth

Aerial shot of a group of woman.

2022 Tuck Executive Leadership Capstone at IBM Tuck at Dartmouth was a learning experience I had not expected. There we were, ‘tucked in’ at the IBM Learning Center for the 2022 Tuck Executive Leadership Capstone. We had been selected by WBENC and the program was underwritten by IBM. The program immersed us in Finance, Marketing, Tuck at Dartmouth

Accessibility Design

Group of young co-workers gathered together.

Accessibility—what is it and why should you care? When you speak to someone, the hope is that they receive your communication and understand it. In life, like on the web, there are ways of helping your communications reach their intended recipients. Why bother with accessibility? Why bother with designing for accessibility? Do you have the Accessibility Design

Racism and Bias in Events

People in rainbow colors hunched over at a starting line. Privilege, bias, and racism: How do you benefit or are you excluded?

Racism and Bias in Events An article from the NYT: Not  Invited, Even to the Planning Racism and bias in the events industry are so prevalent that we’ve become blind to them. If you are part of the event and wedding industrial complex, you need to read the above article. This article from the August Racism and Bias in Events