Entertainment for children

Entertainment for children is special because you want it to reach the children, but not overwhelm them. We all know that the younger the kids, the more the adults will be involved. If you choose your entertainment right, you can make the party meaningful and appealing to everyone, young and old!

Mammograms and Virtual Events

Ancient statue of a woman holding up a ledge before there were mammograms and virtual events

Virtual Events and Mammograms You haven’t really lived until you’ve experienced the thrill of running a virtual event or a mammogram. What is it about women that lets them excel at being put under enormous pressure and coming out intact? Categories Tags

How to Help Kids Fight Loneliness

How to palm read at your own party

The ways we can help children fight loneliness are getting easier. Kids worldwide are suffering disproportionately from loneliness. Loneliness is defined as the feeling caused by the difference between expected social interaction and how much actual social interaction you actually have. The pandemic and enforced isolation have increased loneliness for all of us. Full disclosure: How to Help Kids Fight Loneliness

Clean Halloween?

NOT a Clean Kid's Halloween Party!

A clean Halloween means doing our best to keep kids safe. Some neighborhoods are hosting simple tables at the entrances or drives. Trick or Treaters are welcomed and pick up there treats. Where will you spend the holiday this year? Staying home, going out? Invitations are pouring in, people are confused. Is it safe to Clean Halloween?