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WBENC certified SBA WOSB. Handy Entertainment is proud to announce that it has been recertified as a WOSB and as a WBE. These designations allow certified diverse businesses to compete for government contracts, and for contracts with corporations that contract with the Federal government. This is one step towards leveling the playing field. Preparing submissions WBENC certified SBA WOSB

Racism and Bias in Events

People in rainbow colors hunched over at a starting line. Privilege, bias, and racism: How do you benefit or are you excluded?

Racism and Bias in Events An article from the NYT: Not  Invited, Even to the Planning Racism and bias in the events industry are so prevalent that we’ve become blind to them. If you are part of the event and wedding industrial complex, you need to read the above article. This article from the August Racism and Bias in Events