Handy Entertainment & Putting it All Together

Handy Entertainment & Putting it All Together Figuring out where to have your event is not easy. Optimizing your venue by creating flow is not something most people even think about. Finding the right bites and sips that bolster the atmosphere you are creating–that is what people know about. These are just a few of … Read more

Zoltar Fortune Teller Booth (free human included)

Zoltar LIVE! (free human included) tells it like it is. Do you want people to remember what you tell them? Our interactive Zoltar can answer questions and share your goals, mission, contact information, or the date of your celebration on our custom-made Zoltar cards. Remote-operated 64-LED lights, and an elegant, mahogany-stained solid wood cabinet (84.7″ h … Read more

palm readings

Simple and as long or as quick as you want. Your guests  will discern trends, tendencies, and formative influences. Palm readings are tailored to fit your event—strolling, at a table, in our micro-environment (requires minimum 10’ x 10’), or at your booth or table. Palm readings can be for anywhere between 3-10 minutes per guest, or … Read more