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Woman giving palm reading to young man.

My First Palm Reading

My First Palm Reading

My first palm reading blew me away. Everyone should learn how to read palms. It is so much fun, so satisfying, and an amazing way to get to know people.

The very first person to read my palms was a young lady named Kelly. It was in college. She had a wonderful and uncanny way of looking into people and guiding them. She also had a soft soothing  voice. We always ended up sitting around her and stretching out our palms for a reading whenever we saw her.

What She Told Me

I remember her telling me that I would travel so much I’d tire of it (I said, “Sure, right!”) and that I would end up working with celebrities and leaders, that there would be so many different chapters of my life that I couldn’t possibly imagine them from where I was in that moment. Oh, that I’d marry and have children (something I had never considered.) Kelly told me I was a leader, a guide, a clairvoyant, and that my path was one of courage. She told me how much I loved to forge my own way, that I loved to do things on my own, but that I would always be surrounded by people who loved me.

It was confounding. How could she know this? She told me I had the gift. That it was up to me to use it for good, and to go out there and start.

If you want to learn more about palmistry, here’s a nice guide for beginners.

If you want to see the stuff nobody else will tell you, see this little irreverent guide I made for you!

Let me know how you like it.

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How to palm read at your own party

How to Palm Read at Your Own Party

How to Palm Read at Your Own Party

How to palm read at your own party is the real guide to giving great readings. Throw on a ‘schmatta.’ (‘Schmatta’ literally means old rag in Yiddish, but refers to some wonderful costume here.) 

Wash your hands with soap and warm water. Wash really well. Dry them with a fresh towel. Completely dry.

Ask to only be of good to all.

Ask people toss their hands (both of them) into the air and hold them at the count of three.

The Most Important Step of How to Palm Read

Watch. Closely. Are you working with a Rule Breaker? Or Maybe a Rule Maker? 

Are they clumsy? Stylistically gifted? What about scared sh*tless? Take their hands as you share this newly gleaned knowledge. You might’ve already spilled the beans, giggling or chortling while they tried to put their hands up in the air.

What do you notice?

Truly, what do you feel, or see or NOTICE first? Is it temperature, weight, color, dryness or sweatiness, smoothness, roughness, delicate shape, flexibility, rigidity, strength, tension? 

Gently feel the person’s hand, push and pull. Notice if the lines of the palms match. Are the hands even? Is the person left or right handed? 

Look for any markings that catch your eye. 

Check out those nails! Functional or for display? Check for lines, creases, pits in the nails. 

Are the nails the same shape, color, and condition? Look at the splay of the fingers when they are relaxed. Eyeball the angle of the thumb to the palm, note which finger seems strongest. Do the fingers curl back slightly, are they touching? When the hands are relaxed and facing up, note if there is concave hollow or an area that protrudes or predominates. A blister, cut, mole, spot—they’re all in. Sometimes you might want to enquire if something is dirt or chocolate.

The question is less about what the traits and circumstances of a person are, and more what they choose to do with them.

What does all of this mean?

The traits embodied in our hands are a distillation of our character, tendencies, and destiny. We create our own destinies in every action, word, raised eyebrow, leap, or snicker. Choose your words wisely. You are here to uplift and inspire.

When you’re done, you should wash your hands in cold water up to the elbows. Let me know how it goes!

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