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Testimonials | Press

Between 2 Trains with Jan Levie of Handy Entertainment
Van Pappas and Jason Wieloch interview Jan Levie of Handy Entertainment.
Between 2 Trains interview with Jan Levie
Between 2 Trains: A Business Podcast interviews Jan Levie of Handy Entertainment

Interview in Voyage Atlanta 4/25/18 Jan Levie and Handy Entertainment

Testimonials | Press are elusive — can you ask for them? Sure. Will you get them? Maybe. People who are mesmerized, enchanted, thrilled beyond their wildest dreams are busy, too. They want to leave reviews, the want to give you a testimonial, but people already have too much to do. What works for you? For me, so far, the best solution has been to have an assistant on hand who can actually get reviews on the spot. Here, below, are a slew of them that we’ve copied from reviews and testimonials that satisfied clients have left for us:

The one above is from Julie Silber.

Testimonials | Press

Oh, I wish I could tell you who sent me this one! (Directly below)

“Hi Jan!
I appreciate your enthusiasm, but we are not allowed to do press on these events per our contract.
I heard your activation was a HUGE success, so we hope to see you again next time we are in ATL!

All my best,

“I have had the opportunity to work with Jan and Handy Entertainment on more than one occasion and I have to say that she does not disappoint. Her craft is creative, out of the box and spot on. Her caring spirit adds to the authenticity of her showmanship. If you want to add a unique, entertaining solution that your guest will never see coming, to one of your events ….then you’d better get Jan on the phone and book her before she becomes the Handy Entertainment to the Stars. Speaking of stars….I give her 5 stars. You won’t be disappointed.” -Carlton Brown, CEO Occasional Occasions by Carlton

“Jan Levie was an entertainer at our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and she was undoubtedly the Piece de Resistance! Jan’s professional manner made us choose her over other entertainers. She made an appointment with us well before the event, in order to meet our daughter and clarify our vision for the party.When we met, it was as if we had known Jan for years. More importantly, she immediately connected with our daughter! Every guest at our party, from young children to older adults, sat at her “tent” to have their palms and lips read. What an amazing experience that was! We were most appreciative of Jan’s positive attitude, kindness and warmth. It goes without saying we have gotten incredibly positive feedback from many of our guests about Jan’s readings. We highly recommend using Handy Entertainment for a memorable party.” -Michal

“Hello Jan, you are amazing and such a talent…I so appreciate your contribution to making the Heller Family so very happy with their daughter’s celebration. She was over the top pleased with how successful her event was. She never imagined everyone would stay so long and be so engaged…she thought 2/3 of the group would leave by 8:30 since they are in the medical community and had to be at work at 5:30AM in most cases to begin their day. She was so happy and felt so loved and adored. I would recommend you to anyone who wants a unique presence at their event. You added color, texture and intrigue. People were captivated by your personality and your insightful heartfelt words. Thank you again!” -Jim White, Jim White Designs

“Thank you so much! You went above and beyond with our short turnaround and Bruce sent over a picture of the booth and the line. Much much appreciation!” -Leslie H., Marketing Company for Corporate Trade Show

“Thank you! Everyone LOVED the lips readings and you. I thought the whole event was perfect, the perfect number of people, the perfect combination of beautiful ladies and YOU!” -Lisa Vieira, Event Planner

“Your lip reading at Purim Off Ponce, has acted as somewhat of a guiding force for me. I really do mean that. Great intuitiveness & insight.” -Alan Sugar

“Jan is one of the most unique entertainers I know! I’ve never seen anything quite like it! I’d recommend her for any event. She’s also a very kind and professional woman on top of that. Such a delight to have met her.” -Erika Dawn, Owner, Lead Singer: The After Party Experience LLC

“My guests are always amazed at the accuracy of Naja Elieva! How does she do it? Thanks so much Jan for making our Earth Day Event very special! She “Naja Elieva” did lip readings and told our technology fortunes. Jan is a fabulous entertainer and so much more. She is a brilliant, creative strategist with a heart of gold. Anything she does, she does well with style and class! -Mary S. Hester, CEO, LAN Intelligent Technology Solutions

“Naja entertained at a friend’s 50th birthday party, and she was a hit! I have since been at several parties where Naja was present, and in all cases she is wildly popular. She spends significant, meaningful time with each reading, and leaves people feeling good. And her costumes are fabulous!” -Carrie H.

“What an unexpected delight! I attended an event recently with Naja’s readings. She is gracious and warm, has a great energy about her and is just an absolute pleasure to engage with. The reading was fantastic, her accuracy was incredible. The whole experience made the night quite unique and totally memorable!” -Blair C.

“Jan was able to help me create a magical 13th birthday party for my daughter, and her friends (parent and child alike). –Beth Fornos Kellerman

“Jan is a great entertainer. Working with her is a dream. We love every minute of being with her.” -Sharon McMahon, Cindy Brown, Wedding Photographer, Cindy & Sharon, Same Sex Wedding Photography

“Thank you for sending my lipreading. What a treat to see such an on-target reading from merely pressing my lips to a piece of cardstock! I shared your email with several co-workers and my mother. All were quite impressed with your skills.” -Diana G. 

“The School of Medicine at Emory University used this company for our staff appreciation carnival and everyone had great things to say.” -Kristy W.

 “Great talent and entertainment value and satisfaction. My guests (all 120 of them) raved about the fortune teller Naja and there was a constant line out the door to partake of her wisdom and insight. We needed two of her to satisfy the demand. Everyone agreed she was amazingly accurate, insightful and engaging. She’s the real thing.” -Judith Blasé

“Jan was hired for a breast cancer event by myself. She did a great job at the event. She was very friendly and worked well with all of my customers. I would highly recommend Jan for any event!” -Taryn Reed, Strategic Marketing Professional

“Naja Elieva was the hit of my 225 person fundraising event! There was a steady stream of people waiting to see her the whole evening. Her highly professional costume and persona added to the ambiance and fun of the party. She was so well received that I’ve invited her back to this year’s event.” -Rebecca, Director of Non-Profit

“What a wonderful, memorable evening thanks to Naja! People are still impressed and mention what a great time they had and how much they enjoyed having their fortunes told.” -Esther Smail, Bloomington, IN

“Loved it – made my party so special. People still talk about how wonderful the ‘fortune teller’ was.” -Amy Rosenberg

The Atlanta Jewish Times


Jan Levie Can See Your Party’s Future


Now a staple of Atlanta-area celebrations, Jan Levie and HandyEntertainment.xyz were not always known as providers of arcane entertainment. It all started with a Halloween event at Montgomery Elementary School in Brookhaven at which she was tasked with performing a few scary stories for the children.

“One of the parents had to step away, and she asked me to fill in,” Levie said. “She had some kind of crystal ball, and I couldn’t really tell what to do with it, so I told someone to stick out their hand, and I read their palm. It was astonishing; people started lining up.”

That night gave Levie the first inklings that she had more to offer telling fortunes than a few PTA performances, and A Handy Little Company was born in 2009. It grew into her current venture, HandyEntertainment.XYZ.

“By October 2009, I was applying for my occupational license. I wanted to apply as a fortuneteller, but it’s illegal in many cities, so I got the license as an event entertainer,” Levie said.

“I went to Rabbi Joshua Lesser before I started the business to ask what he thought and make sure what I was doing was OK,” the Congregation Bet Haverim member said. “He cited two passages of Torah: It says stone the soothsayers here, and it says lift up your oracles, so it’s not entirely clear.”

Perhaps best known as her character Naja Elieva, Levie began making a name for herself, bringing a long-forgotten style of performance to celebrations throughout Atlanta. With a variety of characters at her disposal, Levie still most often performs as Elieva, a character born of a myriad of influences.

“Naja Elieva is my name in pig Latin, as devised by my at-that-point 9-year-old son. A woman told me Najiai in Arabic meant ‘G-d is my savior,’ and Eliava from the Hebrew ‘G-d is my father,’ ” Levie said.

The other characters come almost entirely from client ideas or concepts for different events.

Originally focused on the iconic elements of fortunetellers, such as Tarot, palm, tea leaf and coffee ground readings, the performances and products have become more varied. Levie still offers the same style of performances on which she built the business, but also new products, including her signature chocolate ganache “lipsreading” kits.

Fortunetelling is not a field that has seen a great deal of innovation over the past few centuries, but Levie said she has been making strides to incorporate modern practices. “I’ve been targeting technology companies because part of my goal is finding places that you wouldn’t think of doing what I do and putting it in there.”

Levie remains best known for her fortunetelling at events, including her “Zoltar Live,” which mimics the appearance of the classic carnival machine, and her palm readings, the very thing that launched her business.

At the core of the process, evident to anyone who visits the HandyEntertainment.xyz website, is a sense of humor. For example, the front page includes a link to “sign up for our stupid and sporadic newsletter.”

Even as her business grows, Levie believes that the personal touch is paramount to her success.

“It’s a question of trust,” she said. “It’s not something people read an ad and say, ‘That’s what I want.’ It’s all reliant on somebody knowing someone who knows me and how I work.”

Levie is looking to expand. “I’ve been developing auxiliary jobs; I do it all myself at the moment.”

She hopes to be able to break down her production into small jobs and provide some work experience for people with developmental disabilities.

MAAP Member Spotlight February 2015

Jan Harlin Levie

Jan Harlin Levie is an entertainer at HandyEntertainment.XYZ, Event Entertainment.

Q. What do you do?
A. My name is Jan Harlin Levie and we are HandyEntertainment.XYZ, Event Entertainment. We entertain. Our clients are creative and innovative rule-breakers, brilliant and elegant. They are whimsical, piercingly intellectual, fierce and imbued with a singular sense of humor. We show people a side of themselves that they never knew existed, help them discover options and gifts they had never dreamt of. We tell fortunes through palm reading, Tarot cards, LipsReadings™, Chocolate LipsReadings™, handwriting analysis, wax castings, tea leaves, coffee cup readings and more. We can provide strolling entertainment, capture client data at trade shows and conventions, interact in German and French, and put everyone at ease. We collaborate on multimedia projects, live performance art and productions for very simple parties as well. We utilize costume and props to enhance the theme of your event or production. We are fully licensed and insured and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Q. Why do you do it?
A. I love what I do. I get to help people celebrate their most monumental moments, to use elements of theater, design, writing, light, technology, music — just to name a few. I get to make things all the time!

Q. Where have you lived and which city was your favorite?
A. I’m from Indianapolis, Ind., and have made Atlanta my home. I also lived in Laguna Beach, Calif., Bloomington, Ind., and New York City, as well as London, Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin. I have dreams about Amsterdam and Laguna, but Berlin and Paris are part of me.

Q. What do you wish everyone knew about your industry?
A. I wish everyone knew that there are no limits in the entertainment industry. It’s the same way I feel about the world.

Q. What do you wish you knew 15 years ago?
A. That there would be a moment when my family and friends who are LGBT&Q would no longer be marginalized, and that the words “and Allies” would become part of the name of an LGBT organization! I am so proud to be counted, too! Knowing that learning the rudiments of writing code is not akin to hacking off my right arm would’ve been helpful to know. …

Q. What music are you listening to now?
A. The Five Browns and the cellist Ernst Reijsiger.

Q. What are you reading?
A. I’m a serial reader — been plugging away at Bob Dickinson’s “Selling the Sea,” Seth Godin’s “The Icarus Deception,“ and Alan Morinis’ “Everyday Holiness,” and my fave blog, “Barking up the Wrong Tree” by Eric Barker.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about Atlanta?
A. The TREES, the greenery and THE BELTLINE!

Q. What’s the best advice you ever got?
A. “Everybody cooks with water” and “Just do it!”

Q. In the Hollywood adaptation of your story, who plays you?
A. Johnny Depp.


Thrilled that Handy Entertainment, (aka A Handy Little Company) was the featured vendor this past March in the Q-Spot Blog!

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