Testimonials – what people have to say about us.

“Hi Jan,

As always, you were GREAT.

It is a pleasure to partner with you and your team on special events; you always WOW the attendees.  I heard nothing but, GREAT things about the service that you provided, you had a lot of people  stunned, because you were right on it with your readings.  

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you…I appreciate you! 

All the best,”

Sonia Hardy-Dunson, 11/29/19

“Handy Entertainment pulled out all the stops to make our evening memorable. When you’re creating an event, especially for people in the entertainment industry, they’re a tough act to please so it was great working with someone who understood the audience. Highly recommend Jan and her company.”

Joan Karpeles, 2/12/19

“I knew Handy Entertainment was going to be a great addition to my party, and they exceeded my expectations!!! My guests LOVED the lip readings, and I loved the full-service, can-do attitude! Jan made me feel like my event was the most important event for her, but I bet she makes all her clients feel that way. Can’t wait to plan another party with Handy Entertainment!!!”

Allison Kelly 11/28/17

Jan with Handy Entertainment is a true professional. She and her team will show up before they are supposed to, be prepared well before your event begins, and be ready with all the smiles and energy required to engage your guests and create a memorable experience. The quality of the characters, costumes, and personas will amuse and charm you and your guests into believing the setting you are in is dusted with fairy magic! Don’t hesitate to get them on your team for the next event you are hosting. You will be happy you did.

Marie Andujar 11 weeks ago

“As small business owners, in the events industry, we have worked alongside Handy Entertainment in many capacities, and in a variety of settings and occasions. Jan, the proprietor of Handy Entertainment & A Handy Little Company is a little bit quirky; geniuses tend to be that way! Jan everything ethical; she’s everything adventurous, and she’s original. She and her company are those things and so much more! (She’s smart, y’all!) We work with many event pros in the ATL area, & feel confident in giving Handy Entertainment a 5-star recommendation above all of them—even those I work with frequently! Whether you’re planning a personal event, an annual conference, or you just need something to take the sting out of your corporate bruhaha, call Jan; she has the drive and ability to impress your pants off! P.S. Jan holds the teams and individuals, with whom she partners, to the highest of standards, which she has also set for herself.”

Properly Weird 9 weeks ago

“This was probably one of the best experiences I have ever had with an event entertainment company of this type. I was having a party / event at my home where attendees were flying in from different locations in the US, and who for the most part did not really know each other. Handy Entertainment was the conductor, if you will, that got everyone talking to each other and having a good time. I received lots of compliments from everyone. I would definitely engage their services again.”

Luis Ariel RuizJul 17, 2017

“Jan Levie of Handy Entertainment is one of the pros you can count on to deliver a great experience at your event for a good value. She is so dedicated to her profession and knows how to translate your vision into a reality that will surpass your expectations. When I’ve hired her for events in my home with friends and clients I’ve had guests lined up around the dining table to see her for palm readings and walk away astounded by their experience. She makes my events memorable which is always my goal and I can’t wait to call her for my next one!”

Julie SilberJun 2, 2017

“Great evening with Jan the fortune teller! I used her for a corporate event I was hosting and she blew everyone away. Very professional, entertaining, and stayed late to accommodate as she was the hit of the party.   She fits in well and is easy to work with. I highly recommend!”

ace f., 9/26/2017

“Handy was a great asset to my party. My guests loved the palm readings and it added a unique twist to an otherwise traditional party. Jan was very professional and helpful, and I highly recommend her.”

Judith WellenJun 28, 2017

5 star

“I love Handy Entertainment’s fun and engaging style! The unique and creative elements are something that I always remember as a guest. I loved it so much that as a host, I was so pleased to have Handy Entertainment at my event. The LipsReading was incredible and Zoltar is SO much fun!”

Jaime Brewington Fulsang 6/13/17

“They are great. if you want to have a fun event, with interesting and unique things to do, call them! Jan and her team are amazing and add that “some extra” to every event that they are involved in. I highly recommend them.”

Maryclaire Andres, 8/10/19

“Jan provides a variety of unique, fun and entertaining services for parties and special events. For my party, Jan provided chocolate lip print readings! The line never ended!!! I know her capabilities are far more diverse than lip print reading. Check her out and see what all is offered. 100% total satisfaction here. Thank you, Jan!!”

Big Sale, 8/9/2017

“Jan is creative, fun and a joy to be around. She brings all of this and more to your events. I am proud to call her not only colleague but friend.”

Elizabeth Montgomery 6/11/19

“So much fun. Just a Kind and wonderful lady. Great entertainment. Would definitely hire for any event.”

Sheila Barnhart, Impression Bridal, 11/26/17

“I have known Jan for a number of years. She was the first person I met at NACE and welcomed me with open arms. She introduced me to everyone she knows, which is everyone. She is generous with her time, energy and talent. Hire her. She’s talented and fun to work with.”

Karen Kuhlke 7 weeks ago

“A palm reader at a salon party? No way! 
I met Naja as she was reading palms at a party I attended. She was patient, warm and professional, despite the fact that the line to meet her was down the hall!

Her service was definitely one of the highlights of the event. She was the conversation piece for the evening. 

I would definitely recommend her services and can’t wait to hire her for my own parties.”

Degretttt F.