Properly Weird, Business Owner

As small business owners in the events industry, we have worked alongside Handy Entertainment in many capacities, and in a variety of settings and occasions. Jan, the proprietor of Handy Entertainment & A Handy Little Company is a little bit quirky; geniuses tend to be that way! Jan everything ethical; she’s everything adventurous, and she’s original. She and her company are those things and so much more! (She’s smart, y’all!) We work with many event pros in the ATL area, & feel confident in giving Handy Entertainment a 5 star recommendation above all of them—even those I work with frequently! Whether you’re planning a personal event, an annual conference, or you just need something to take the sting out of your corporate bruhaha, call Jan; she has the drive and ability to impress your pants off! P.S. Jan holds the teams and individuals, with whom she partners, to the highest of standards, which she has also set for herself.