The Story of Nurse Jane

Giving respect where it is due; being conscious of our biases.

The Story of Nurse Jane

I was at the doctor’s office with my Dad. He had a lot of physical issues and needed help. We got comfortable in the VA (Department of Veteran’s Affairs) waiting room. They finally called him. “Dad,“ I said excitedly, while helping him get up, “Dad! Look! It’s Nurse Jane, we know her from services!” 

All three of us greet each other warmly, and then one of the medical team comes over and says, “Here, Doctor, here’s his file,” while handing DOCTOR JANE my father’s medical file. MIKE DROP MOMENT. I start blubbering and apologizing profusely. 

Then I asked Doctor Jane why she didn’t correct me. She didn’t skip a beat and with a warm smile said, “It wasn’t important.”

It was important. It is important. Nowadays, whenever I greet someone, I always assume they have the highest title in the room.