What to wear?

What to wear?

What to wear? Some ideas for enhancing your style.

What to wear? Some ideas for enhancing your style.

Inya Faas, our advice columnist for people who want to be told what to do.  (C) All rights reserved.

Dear Inya Faas,

What should I wear?  I am the grown mother of three teenage kids.  The oldest, a boy, is very well-spoken, well-mannered, and elegant.  The girls are fresh-scrubbed, natural beauties, and are practical and down-to-earth. They wear simple, comfortable and pragmatic clothes.

I work as a judge, am strawberry-blond, fine featured, and petite, and grew up in the piney flats of east central Georgia. We had nothing when I was coming up.  Nothing.  My husband and I have worked very hard to provide for our families, and we are very conservative and humble in every respect, except that I WANT TO WEAR COOL, FLASHY CLOTHES!

I sit, I drive, I wear a black robe when I’m working, and, of course, I go out on occasion, too.  Do I have to, as my kids inform me, “dress my age” or can I go ahead and finally have some fun?

I want to wear halter tops, mini-skirts, jeggings, stilettos, false eyelashes, tall boots, clashing colors, leopard-print peek-a-boo wedges–in short I want to have fun.

What do YOU think?

Shelly B. Shure
Normal, Oklahoma

Dear Your Honor,

You have the honor, you have the privilege of serving, and you have proven it. You are not living your life to please others, however, so go and have some fun! Who knows, your peeps may be so inspired by your transformation that they, too, will opt for awesome in their next selection of apparel.

With deepest respect,

Inya Faas