What is a ‘Pop Up’ ?

Lip Print with Pop-Up Pop out printed on it


What is a Pop-Up?

(And why do you need to know?)

A Pop-Up is a simple name for an event that is unexpected, of short duration, a surprise, uses an unusual space as a venue, or any combination of the above.

What’s the difference between a Pop-Up and traditional events?

In essence, a pop-up is your rowdy teenager (novel, fun, rule breaker) and a traditional event, for example, a Thanksgiving Dinner (you know more or less what to expect, when to expect it, and you have a good idea of who’ll be there and what they’ll be doing and wearing).

Why create a pop-up?

Could it be about novelty? Or better yet, surprise, intrigue, fun, or uniqueness? Show off your space, the activity, or even the exclusivity of the event. Looking to drive sales, donations, or build your client base quickly? Host a Pop-Up!

What are some examples of Pop-Ups?

Flash mobs, temporary Halloween stores, holiday markets are all versions of pop-ups.

Spread your party out by doing pop-ups—instead of one big bash where everybody feels overwhelmed, break it up into several small segments, mixing and remixing guests and elements—switching them out.

Or use a pop-up to showcase a new space, product, equipment, or way of doing things. Better yet, turn your pop-up into a road trip with dedicated vehicles that transport attendees from one unexpected stop to the next. Want to take it a step further? Deck out each bus with it’s own ‘costume’—decor + entertainer!

What kinds of entertainment do you want?

Interested in something off-the-wall, quirky, and imaginative? Use our Concessional Booth, (similar to our Zoltar Fortune Teller Booth)! Perfect for a) getting people to engage in your story; b) getting heartfelt advice; c) grabbing a little nosh on the side.

Need spectacular ideas to turn your holiday party into the talk of the town? Want your Halloween extravaganza to be the most compelling event on this year’s social calendar?

If you want to host inspiring corporate events, or wedding receptions filled with love and new friends, joyous family reunions, successful outside-the-box retail events, scintillating new business launches, exciting openings, or a way to see your people while having a blast–reach out to us!

What’s not to love?

Contact us today and let’s get this party going!

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