What’s a Virtual Event?

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Event entertainment that is fun, safe, and will connect your people is more important than ever. Hosting more than six attendees per hour, or want to let guests schedule individual sessions during your event? Then a Virtual Event is perfect! Attendees can schedule Five-, Ten-, Fifteen-, or Twenty-Minute readings during your Virtual Event.

How? Contact us and we’ll send you what you need to book a one-, two-, or three-Hour Virtual Event. After you’ve booked the date & time and remitted payment, we’ll send you a form for guests to book their sessions. Embed the form on a website, or send it as a link in an email.

The event host (YOU!) chooses the length and kind of sessions: Palms | Tarot | Lip Print Analysis | Handwriting Analysis | Coffee Cup or Tea Leaf Readings. Attendees choose a time, fill out form and submit, then get a confirmation email with a Zoom link and a brief overview of how to use Zoom.