Why corporate clients choose us

Why corporate clients choose us

Handy Entertainment understands what our corporate clients want to achieve. We create solutions that are fulfilling, ‘sticky,’ and forge connection. We use art, technology, science, psychology, world culture, cuisine(!), and much, much more to make your event about you and your attendees.

Other entertainment companies

Other entertainment companies are focused on rolling out replicable acts but our activations are designed to fulfill needs on different levels. Clients frequently tell us that our event solutions have taken their projects to a different level.

Increased visibility and sales

We help clients boost their bottom lines! Handy is a WBENC- and SBA-certified WOSB and helps corporates fulfill their goals to contract with a specific percentage of certified, historically under-represented businesses.

Do well, do good

Our clients do well by doing good. This is no hyperbole. We make a difference by hiring talent, contractors, subcontractors, and filling other positions from a very diverse, vetted, and very highly qualified group. Our mission is to have everybody at the table. To do this we find, train, and hire individuals with mental, physical, and intellectual disabilities and pay them well. By looking at the disposable income and spends of marginalized groups and their sheer magnitude, it becomes clear why corporates are doing good business by practicing inclusion.

Intelligent growth

I believe inclusion is single-handedly the most intelligent way to grow your business. If this is something that interests you, reach out. I’ve presented on this topic, and, as you can tell, am very passionate about it.

How entertainment is changing

Let’s talk about what entertainment historically has been, and what it can be. What Handy Entertainment does is not for 6000 people at a crack. We produce events for select groups and our availability is limited. You can always find companies that provide fun things to do for large groups, but my question to you is: What do you want people to take away? 

You know that the only thing people will remember about your event is how it made them feel.