Zoltar Fortune Teller Booth (free human included)


Zoltar LIVE! (free human included)

tells it like it is. Do you want people to remember what you tell them?

Our interactive Zoltar can answer questions and share your goals, mission, contact information, or the date of your celebration on our custom-made Zoltar cards. Remote-operated 64-LED lights, and an elegant, mahogany-stained solid wood cabinet (84.7″ h x 35″ w x 21″ d) make Zoltar the center of your celebration. Zoltar LIVE! is on casters and can be easily repositioned throughout your event. RFID, QR Codes and Near Field Communications chips can also be added to your cards for an additional fee, or we can refer you to printers to create the cards or other collateral for Zoltar to distribute. Zoltar is perfect for displaying your branding during an event.

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